The Truth About Violence at the RNC and DNC Protests

Activists are branded as “extremists” leading up to mass protests, and militarized police respond with violence.

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Terrorism Task Force Involved in RNC Attacks on Journalists, Attorneys, Activists

News continues to come out of the Twin Cities and the Republican National Convention of what I can only describe as a police state showing its true colors. If you read this site regularly, you know I stay far away from language and descriptions like that, because I think it’s best to let the stories […]

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“Homegrown Terrorist” Training Video on YouTube

The Republican National Committee meeting will be in Minneapolis this year. I guess RNC organizers learned their lesson after the debacle in NYC last time: the city has already had to pay for arresting and beating protestors, and it was revealed that Bloomberg cracked down on protests for political reasons (um, duh). Clearly, organizers think […]

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