green is the new red book cover*Green Is the New Red: An Insider’s Account of a Social Movement Under Siege

The new book by Will Potter, published by City Lights Books. Kirkus Book Reviews called it “a hard-hitting debut… a shocking exposé of judicial overreach.” Download a free sample chapter, and view the book trailer. Every copy ordered from this site is signed by the author.


sarah kramer in her domestic terrorist funny apron.*”Domestic Terrorist” apron

“Domestic” terrorist. Get it? Ok, we have a sick sense of humor. But with the FBI infiltrating vegan potlucks, we couldn’t resist.

Thanks to the lovely Sarah Kramer, world-famous vegan chef, for modeling these “domestic terrorist” aprons.

Adjustable aprons with 3 pockets. Black with green print.


activism-t-shirt-green-new-red*”Activism Is Not Terrorism” t-shirt

When most people think of “terrorism,” they think 9/11, anthrax, and suicide bombers. But right now social justice activists are being labeled as terrorists for protesting the Keystone XL pipeline, and photographing factory farmsActivism is not terrorism.

Black American Apparel t-shirts, with light ink. Available in either unisex or women’s sizes.


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*”Activism Is Not Terrorism” hoodieactivism-hoodie-green-new-red

By popular demand, we finally have this design in a hoodie.

Super soft fleece pullover made by Canvas. Black, with light ink. Available in unisex sizes.


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where-eagles-dare-journalism-t-shirt*”Journalism Where Eagles Dare” t-shirt

As factory farm owners lobby for new “ag-gag” laws to make it illegal to photograph animal cruelty and environmental pollution, both activists and journalists need to get creative.

Will Potter is using drones to take aerial photographs of these abuses. These t-shirts were made as part of his Kickstarter campaign (and we made a few extra!).

Black American Apparel t-shirts, with white ink. Available in either unisex or women’s sizes.


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Rise Above Factory Farming tote bag*”Rise Above Factory Farming” tote bag

“We are tired of your abuse. Try to stop us — it’s no use!”

Corporations are trying to hide their abuses from consumers with new “ag-gag” laws. But we’re gonna rise above factory farming.

These natural canvas tote bags are 15″ x 15″ with 10″ black handles.


domestic-terrorist-onesie*”Domestic Terrorist” infant one-piece

They leave a trail of diapers, sleepless nights, and general household destruction in their wake. If anyone deserves to be called “domestic” terrorists, it’s… babies.

Multiple sizes based on the size of your terrorist. Yellow with green print.

Pictured here is Billy Callahan, already following in his dad Joe’s footsteps and supporting DC writers.


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activism_is_not_terrorism_sticker*”Activism Is Not Terrorism” sticker

4″ circle stickers, white vinyl, black text, with the liberty bell and the website address.

$2 each


*”All My Heroes Have FBI Files” sticker

all-my-heroes-have-fbi-files-stickerIf you’re making a difference you probably have a file these days.

Made by our friends at Herbivore Clothing.

$2 each


*”Join or Die” sticker

Join or Die sticker for animal rights and animal liberation activists, uniting social movements.

One of the most prevalent — and effective — tactics against social justice movements is to divide them, and let the factions turn on each other.

Animal advocates are challenging the most powerful and wealthy industries on the planet. This sticker (with the acronyms for a wide range of animal protection groups) is a reminder to focus on positive activism, rather than differences and disagreements with other activists.

Design by Jessie Dukes of Pioneers Press.

$2 each

matt gauck poster alf
*Screenprint Posters by Matt Gauck

The fantastic Matt Gauck was generous with his time to design these posters specifically for the Green Is the New Red book release party. Even before I put the early images up on Tumblr and Facebook, people were asking about how to get hold of them. So I’m sure folks are going to be excited that we have a limited quantity available via mailorder.

The prints measure 19″ x 25″. They’re all signed by Matt, and numbered. Here’s a high-res version.


aeta-book-terrorization-dissent*The Terrorization of Dissent: Corporate Repression, Legal Corruption, and the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act (Lantern, 2014)

Contributing author to this anthology on the anthology on the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act, which critically examines how corporations drafted the new legislation to target animal rights protesters.

The sweeping legislation labels even non-violent civil disobedience as terrorism if it affects the profits of animal enterprises.

Available from


next eco warriors book*The Next Eco Warriors:
22 Young Women and Men Who Are Saving the Planet

Edited by Emily Hunter, foreword by Farley Mowat.

Chapters by Peter Hammarstedt of Sea Shepherd, Will Potter, and many others.

Booklist described it as “…Rousing, electrifying profiles in global environmental activism.”

Buy The Next Eco Warriors at




los verdes somos los nuevos rojos*Los Verdes Somos Los Nuevos Rojos

Spanish translation of Green Is the New Red, published by Plaza y Valdés Editores.

Available on and many other stores.


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