“Homegrown Terrorist” Training Video on YouTube

by Will Potter on January 4, 2008

in Activism & Activists' Response

The Republican National Committee meeting will be in Minneapolis this year. I guess RNC organizers learned their lesson after the debacle in NYC last time: the city has already had to pay for arresting and beating protestors, and it was revealed that Bloomberg cracked down on protests for political reasons (um, duh). Clearly, organizers think there will be fewer pesky protesters in Minneapolis.

Thanks to folks in Minneapolis for sending me the “We’re Getting ready! RNC Welcoming Committee Trailer.” It’s not directly related to “eco-terrorism” and “Green Scare” stuff, but I post it here for a few reasons:

  • It reminds me of the classic spoof in the old “Breaking Free” videos by Josh Harper (one of the SHAC 7 defendants). I think I still have it on VHS.
  • Daniel McGowan, who is now in prison as a “terrorist” for property crimes, was one of the key organizers of the RNC protests in New York.
  • This is the type of First Amendment activity that some members of Congress want to label “homegrown terrorism.” (Read: thought crime).
  • Since we recently learned the CIA is targeted ninjas, these folks should be scared. Very scared.
  • I’m procrastinating on YouTube, and this cracked me up.


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