Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act (AETA)

Project Censored honors Will Potter's investigative journalism covering the AETA.

The Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act (AETA) sweepingly targets a wide range of political activity as “terrorism” if done in the name of animal rights. The greatest danger of this legislation, though, is the chilling effect it has had on law-abiding activists. Corporations and the politicians who represent them are using that word, “terrorism,” to make everyday people speak up for what they believe.

The AETA was passed in 2006, with just six members of Congress in the room, just hours after lawmakers and celebrities were on hand to break ground for the new memorial honoring Martin Luther King Jr. The law is so vague and broad that the non-violent tactics of MLK could be prosecuted as “terrorism.”

The bill expanded the Animal Enterprise Protection Act, the law used to convict the SHAC 7 of “animal enterprise terrorism” just months earlier.

How the AETA Works:

History of the AETA:

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Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act Arrests

Here are some recent articles about the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act:

Al Jazeera Discusses Ag-Gag Laws and the Corporate War on “Eco-Terrorism”

Will Potter looks at “ag-gag” laws and how corporations are trying to silence dissent.

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Today, I’m Speaking Out Against the AETA #AETAspeakout

The Center for Constitutional Rights is challenging the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act in court. If you can’t be there, here’s a quick way to help.

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Court Dismisses Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act Lawsuit. Here’s How That Affects You.

A U.S. district court dismissed a lawsuit against the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act brought by animal rights activists who say they are at risk of being labeled terrorists.

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“Activism Now Terrorism?” — TV Interview with Abby Martin

Abby Martin interviews Will Potter about grand juries targeting anarchists and activists.

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Congressional Report on Domestic Terrorism Addresses the “Green Scare,” Cites Green Is the New Red

A recent Congressional report on domestic terrorism examines the government’s crackdown on animal rights and environmental activists, and asks members of Congress to question why the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act singles out political activists as terrorists when they have not harmed anyone.

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Newly Released FBI “Domestic Terrorism” Training on Anarchists, Environmentalists, Show COINTELPRO Tactics

Newly released FBI documents show the flawed and misleading information the government is using to train agents to identify and investigate “domestic terrorist” groups such as “black separatists,” anarchists, animal rights activists, and environmentalists.

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“The most effective tactic… has been to turn the activists against each other”

Spanish interview with Will Potter about government repression in the United States and internationally.

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Washington Post Front Page Story Features “Green Is The New Red”

The Washington Post talks with Will Potter about “Ag Gag” bills, FBI surveillance of environmental protesters, and the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act.

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When Is Activism “Terrorism”? When It’s Effective.

A video interview with Will Potter about how attacks on “fringe groups” always spread toward other social movements.

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The Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act Threatens Activism

Jurist, the legal news service, discusses why the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act is unconstitutional. Guest commentary by Will Potter.

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