Nuns Put on “Domestic Terrorist” List

by Will Potter on October 14, 2008

in Surveillance

Last week I wrote about how some Homeland Security officials don’t think Timothy McVeigh is a terrorist, but peace activists, animal rights activists, pro-choice activists and environmentalists are.

You know who else are terrorists? Nuns!

The Saginaw News reports that among the 53 non-violent activists labeled as “terrorists” in that Maryland operation are two Dominican nuns.

They’re both outspoken opponents of war and empire, and have gone so far as to spill their own blood on military equipment in non-violent civil disobedience. From the news article:

Platte, Gilbert and Sister Jackie Hudson served time in federal prison after they cut a chain-link fence surrounding a Minuteman III missile silo in Weld County, Colo., and used baby bottles to dispense their own blood in the shape of a cross on the silo.

A federal jury in 2003 convicted Platte, Gilbert and Hudson of obstructing national defense and damaging government property. They received prison sentences of 41 months, 33 months and 30 months, respectively.

As someone who briefly attended Catholic school, I will attest that nuns can truly be terrifying. I wholeheartedly support rounding them up and protecting the knuckles of school children everywhere.

However, the rest of you might think this is, I dunno, how do I say this, ABSOLUTELY FRIGGIN’ INSANE. So, I think this video clip sums things up better than I ever could. If you don’t like bad words, please put on your earmuffs…

“To all the real terrorists out there, I say I’m sorry for gettin’ all up on your list.”

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