terrorism surveillance of political activistsThe FBI, Homeland Security, and corporations have repeatedly been exposed spying on political activists as “terrorists.” Tactics include informants, wiretaps and undercover cops.

For example:

Here are some recent articles about terrorism surveillance:

“To Build a Fire”: New Split EP With “Old Lines” and Will Potter

Punk rock has probably been the single most powerful influence on my life. I grew up in Texas, in what was (at the time) a pretty small town. Reading liner notes, picking up zines or AK Press bookmobile books from shows, and finding political punk completely changed me. I devoured everything I could get my […]

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“Truth and Power” TV series features Will Potter on “eco-terrorism,” ag-gag laws, and investigative journalism

A new television series, “Truth and Power,” is narrated by Maggie Gyllenhaal and executive produced by award-winning filmmaker Brian Knappenberger.

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Democracy Now Covers SeaWorld’s Dirty Tricks

Amy Goodman interviews Will Potter about Sea World’s attempts to infiltrate PETA and provoke illegal activity, and how other companies have done the same.

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Sea World Employee Busted Infiltrating PETA

A Sea World employee has been posing for years as a PETA activist in an attempt to infiltrate animal rights protests against the failing company.

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New Documents Reveal FBI Spying on Keystone Pipeline Protesters

Will Potter speaks with VICE News about the FBI’s spying on environmental activists.

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6 Ways Cops Have Used Sex to Infiltrate and Disrupt Protest Groups

We’re just beginning to learn how cops and informants have used sex in their campaigns to spy on political activists.

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Why Is The FBI Harassing Tar Sands Protesters In Washington and Oregon?

In August 2014, two activists with the environmentalist group Rising Tide spent a week riding the backwoods highways of Idaho monitoring a megaload—a big rig hauling equipment for processing tar-sands oil that’s wide enough to take up two lanes of road, too high to fit under a freeway overpass, can be longer than a football […]

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7 Reasons This Kickstarter Is Worth Every Dollar

With 24 hours left, here’s why you should support “Drone on the Farm.”

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Fast Company: Drones can get around strict “ag-gag” laws and document horrifying factory farms

Fast Company’s website of “world changing ideas and innovation” features Will Potter’s Kickstarter campaign.

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Farmers Already Threatening to Shoot Down My Drone

I haven’t even purchased the drone yet, and farmers are already threatening to shoot it down.

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