terrorism surveillance of political activistsThe FBI, Homeland Security, and corporations have repeatedly been exposed spying on political activists as “terrorists.” Tactics include informants, wiretaps and undercover cops.

For example:

Here are some recent articles about terrorism surveillance:

Why None of the NSA’s Ideas Are Worth Spreading

Mashable asked me to respond to the National Security Agency’s address at TED 2014.

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TED Interviews Will Potter About Treating Environmentalists as Terrorists

I’m thrilled to share this lengthy interview I did with the TED team about my journalism, and the dangers of labeling protest as “terrorism.”

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Is he your best friend? Or an undercover cop?

An interview with Kennedy’s former friend who is now releasing a documentary about the notorious undercover cop who spied on protesters.

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Spying on Democracy

Why should you care about surveillance, if you’ve done nothing wrong?

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Radio New Zealand Interviews Will Potter on Spying, Ag-Gag Laws, and the Global War of Information

One of New Zealand’s most popular radio programs focuses on state surveillance and the criminalization of dissent. Jeremy Rose talks with author Will Potter.

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Homeland Security Warned Terrorism Officials About a Petition

The Department of Homeland Security distributed a counter-terrorism bulletin to police warning about a petition against USDA animal cruelty.

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Hacking, Leaking, and Investigative Journalism — C-SPAN Video

C-SPAN covers a panel discussion on hacking, whistleblowers, ag-gag laws and more with Will Potter, Gabriella Coleman, and Gráinne O’Neill.

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Historic “McLibel” Leaflet Was Co-Created by This Undercover Cop

Bob Lambert, while working as an undercover cop, co-wrote the infamous leaflet about McDonald’s that led to the “McLibel” trial, the longest court case in English history.

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How the NSA Kept Us From Knowing About a Previous, Illegal Domestic Spy Program in 2006

New reports of NSA spying on Americans echo a previous, illegal operations. Here’s how the NSA kept one of them from being exposed.

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Counter-Terrorism Unit Keeps Files on Journalists, Reports that My Book Is “Compelling and Well Written”

New documents include counter-terrorism reports on articles, lectures, and books critical of the government’s repression of political activists.

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