Fast Company: Drones can get around strict “ag-gag” laws and document horrifying factory farms

by Will Potter on July 7, 2014

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fast-company-drones-will-potterFast Company has a fantastic article on my Kickstarter campaign to purchase drones and investigate factory farms.

Here’s an excerpt:

It’s difficult, and in many cases illegal, to chronicle the animal abuses that occur at factory farms with photographic evidence. Investigative journalist Will Potter is hoping to try a different route: using drones to photograph factory farms from the air.

He’s spreading the word and raising money with a Kickstarter campaign that has collected over $48,000 (with the promise of matching donations for everything raised over $45,000). The money will go towards drones, legal expenses, video production, and everything else necessary to create a short documentary, an e-book, and generally document factory farm abuse…

“I’ve been reporting so much on the ag gag laws and seeing that the political climate is getting worse and worse. I just got back from a speaking tour in Australia, and ag gag laws are showing up there as well,” says Potter. “I wanted to think up ways to be more creative and ambitious.”

Please help make that happen! The Kickstarter has just 36 hours left. And every new donation is being MATCHED dollar for dollar.

Click here to donate and help us meet our “reach goal,” so that we can purchase a second drone, and expand the project to more states!

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