activism-t-shirt-green-new-redWhen most people think of “terrorism,” they think 9/11, anthrax, and suicide bombers. But right now social justice activists are being labeled as terrorists for protesting the Keystone XL pipeline, and photographing factory farms.

Activism is not terrorism. 

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aldf-symposiumThe Animal Legal Defense Fund has invited me to deliver the keynote address at the first symposium of their Los Angeles regional attorney network, at USC Gould School of Law. I’m really looking forward to the event, and seeing everyone in LA! You can still register online today.

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soleI sat down with the infamous MC SOLE, former Anticon and a million other projects, for his podcast.

From SOLE:

We talk about a ton of shit, from government repression, civil unrest,  the animal rights movement, the precarious nature of being a writer/artist in the digital age, his use of drones to expose the environmental impact of factory farming and much much more.

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eric-mcdavid-forestEric McDavid was released after nine years in prison as an “eco-terrorist” after the government acknowledged withholding evidence during his trial. It was a major legal victory, but there’s a long road ahead adjusting to post-prison life.

His supporters have created an online fundraising campaign to help him get on his feet. They say:

This incredible victory occurred because we all refused to give up the struggle to set him free. Thank you to all of you who have supported Eric during these last 9 years. Despite the heavy-handed repression of the state, Eric refused to compromise his politics or his integrity, just as all of us who supported him refused to abandon the struggle to see him free. But the struggle is not over.

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This is what you must remind yourself on the dark days

An excerpt from Will Potter’s contribution to a new book on the ecological crisis.

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Now Booking Speaking Events for the Spring!

Bring Will Potter to speak at your university, festival or conference this spring.

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New York State Bar Association #AgGag Lecture Coming Up

Will Potter to address the New York Bar Association on ag-gag laws.

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Why We Need Brave Journalists

Must-watch TED talks about freedom of the press.

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6 Ways Cops Have Used Sex to Infiltrate and Disrupt Protest Groups

We’re just beginning to learn how cops and informants have used sex in their campaigns to spy on political activists.

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Marathon live reading of Orwell’s 1984 at the DC Library (I’ll be there!)

What better way to fight the culture of secrecy and surveillance than to expose it publicly?

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