unlocking-excerptWhen I received this collection of comics, I had to drop everything and read all of them. Liberator is a series about young vigilantes who go above the law (and go underground) to rescue animals from vivisection labs, dogfighting rings, and anywhere else they are abused.

What I love about the series is that it presents a counter-narrative to the political reality of “eco-terrorism.” The comics are of course fictitious. But they are also grounded in radical activism, drawing inspiration from groups like the Animal Liberation Front. When presented in comic form, these characters seamlessly transition from so-called “terrorists” to freedom fighters.  [click to continue…]

Filosofia Hoy reviews Will Potter's bookThe Spanish translation of Green Is the New Red received an excellent review in “Filosofía Hoy,” a very well-respected magazine in Spain.

I love the image as well! (The pullquote is from my book, and says: “As a culture, we have created a mythology of repression and resistance.”)

Los Verdes Somos Los Nuevos Rojos was published by Plaza y Valdes. You can find out more (included translations of some of my articles and interviews) here.

iron-maiden-pig-investigationKentucky is the latest state to consider “ag-gag” legislation, which would make it illegal to photograph animal cruelty on farms and slaughterhouses. The bill was introduced just weeks after an undercover investigation by the Humane Society exposed a Kentucky pig factory that held pigs in tiny crates and fed what NPR called “piglet smoothies”—the remains of diseased piglets—to their mothers.

There are only a few days left in the legislative session in Kentucky, and the lawmakers behind this dangerous proposal are moving quickly. The “ag-gag” provision was slipped into HB 222 at the last minute to avoid public scrutiny and debate.

Even more audaciously, they attached it to legislation that is intended to reduce animal suffering by setting euthanasia standards for shelters. [click to continue…]

RichardLedgettNSADeputyDirectorTEDMashable asked me to respond to the NSA’s address at TED 2014.

What’s the National Security Agency’s idea worth spreading?

TED’s Chris Anderson put the trademark question to NSA Deputy Director Richard Ledgett on Thursday during an interview at the Vancouver conference. Ledgett’s answer: “Learn the facts.”

In true TED style, that’s a surprising, thought-provoking statement. The problem is that it’s not the NSA’s idea at all. It’s the idea of their enemy number one: whistleblower Edward Snowden. [click to continue…]

Seattle! Speaking Events This Sunday and Monday

“Tree Sits and Glitter Banners: How new terrorism laws are meant to silence environmental protest.”

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BREAKING: We’re Suing Idaho to Overturn #AgGag Law Against Filming Animal Cruelty

A diverse coalition of organizations and journalist Will Potter have filed a lawsuit to strike down Idaho’s new “ag-gag” law as unconstitutional.

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Coming Soon…

I’m off to Vancouver for the TED conference, but before I go I wanted to tell ya’ll to keep your eyes open for a new project that will be coming out in the next week..

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Chevron Says Hell Will Freeze Over Before It Pays For Pollution

The oil giant uses RICO, the mob law, to avoid an Ecuadorian Supreme Court ruling in favor of villagers suffering from pollution.

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Announcing the 2014 Australia Speaking Tour Against #AgGag Laws

Australian corporations are trying to silence animal advocates with U.S.-style “ag-gag” laws. Will Potter will be the international keynote speaker for the 2014 Voiceless Animal Law Lecture Series about this dangerous trend.

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Al Jazeera Discusses Ag-Gag Laws and the Corporate War on “Eco-Terrorism”

Will Potter looks at “ag-gag” laws and how corporations are trying to silence dissent.

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