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Hiking through the Tasmanian wilderness feels like a scene out of Jurassic Park. Overhead are the tallest flowering trees on the planet. Underfoot are so many layers of damp, mossy growth that, without stepping carefully, a boot could crunch right through. The Tasmanian devil lives here, and so do the platypus and wedge-tailed eagle; some Huon pine trees here are more than 2,000 years old. Located at the bottom of the world, Tasmania is a bioregion so unique that it is listed as a World Heritage site by the United Nations for “outstanding universal value.” It satisfies more criteria for that designation than any other World Heritage site on Earth.

But for Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott, this remarkable natural legacy isn’t worth protecting. Instead, it should be stripped.

Soon after being elected in September 2013, Abbott started making plans to fulfill his campaign promise of removing some environmental protections on Tasmania’s forest and opening it to industry, specifically logging. In March, he invited loggers to Australia’s Parliament House and told them that members of the country’s Green party were “the devil” and that “the environment is meant for man.” The loggers were thrilled. [click to continue…]

propagandhi“Will Potter is the author of a book called Green Is the New Red… He’s up here fucking moshing.”

This is the best. Thanks to Greg for sending in this clip from his phone. Can’t wait to see them again this Saturday in Baltimore!

Also, I love the weirdo who for some reason decided to yell out “RIP Howard Zinn” at the end. What a goof.

Oh, and if you’re not already, you should be listening to Chris and Derek’s podcast Escape Velocity.


In “tower defense” style video games, players are usually fighting off marauding armies (or zombies). They’re usually set in medieval times, or on distant planets—not farms.

But Relevant Games has just announced a new twist on the genre, and a biting new commentary on an agriculture industry run amok. [click to continue…]

fbi-broken-windows-veganarchist-berkeleyThe FBI has a hot new case. Someone broke two windows at a grocery store.

Yep, you read that correctly.

Windows are broken all the time, and most businesses would be lucky to have local cops respond, let alone the FBI. So how does such an insignificant crime get on the national radar?

As one NBC reporter noted, “This is no ordinary vandalism case.”

That’s because the FBI says the window was broken by animal rights activists. [click to continue…]

National Geographic: Drones Will Change the Way You Eat

“One journalist is using drone photography to expose conditions at factory farms in hopes of changing the way we think about food,” says National Geographic.

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Pork Industry Leader Arrested with Gun at US Capitol

Perhaps the FBI should be investigating ag industry lobby groups instead of animal activists. After all, they’re the only ones who are armed.

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The FBI Considers These Animal Rights Activists Terrorists

HuffPost Live interviews Will Potter about two animal advocates being prosecuted as “terrorists” for allegedly freeing mink.

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Rise Against supports Green Is the New Red

Tim from Rise Against says: “My new favorite thing is a book called Green Is The New Red by Will Potter.”

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Democracy Now: How did freeing animals from cages become an act of terrorism?

Democracy Now interviews Will Potter about the terrorism prosecution of two activists who allegedly releasing mink from fur farms.

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BREAKING: 2 Animal Activists Indicted as Terrorists for Freeing Mink

Prosecutors said freeing animals was “violent civil disobedience” as two activists are charged under the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act.

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