mcclure-rowingOne of the most powerful talks I heard at TED last year was singer-songwriter Dawn Landes telling the story of Tori Murden McClure.

McClure dreamed of rowing across the Atlantic in a small boat, and found herself alone in the middle of a hurricane. Her boat capsized over and over again, and video tapes of her journey captured her desperation. She thought it was the end.

As I sat in the audience at TED, her story, and Landes’ delivery, had me in tears. There was something about seeing and hearing McClure isolated and alone, yet refusing to give in to hopelessness, that made her struggle feel universal.

I hope you’ll watch this talk all the way through, because at the end you’ll see the advice she received from Muhammad Ali that gave me chills.

potter-militia-interviewIn a recent TV interview (below), I was asked to discuss how the mainstream media has been covering the militia standoff in Oregon, as heavily-armed Bundy gang members occupy federal land.

We didn’t have much time to go into all the details, so I wanted to elaborate here, with what I think are six of the most important lessons we should be learning from how the government and the press have treated militia groups like this one.

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pickering-fbi-forego-interviewNewly released FBI documents confirm what some activist groups have argued for years: when FBI agents come knocking, the best response is to shut the door and call the press. [click to continue…]

history of secret prisons in the united statesMy latest for TED is an expansion of my recent TED Talk, about Communications Management Units, and a look at a dark history in the United States that has been either ignored or forgotten.

Here’s an excerpt: [click to continue…]

One Million Views!

Will Potter’s TED talk about secretive prison units reaches one million views.

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New TED Talk Goes Inside Secretive Prison Units on U.S. Soil

“The secret US prisons you’ve never heard of before.”

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It’s us against the war machine.

Killer Mike’s inspirational speech in Ferguson about police violence and poverty.

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Edward Snowden Will Be Interviewed at this Tech Conference, Keynote by Will Potter

“Computers, Freedom, and Privacy 2015” will feature Edward Snowden, Mike German, and Will Potter.

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The Writing Life, Burnout, and What it Means to Keep Fighting

Ray Harkins interviews Will Potter for the podcast 100 Words or Less.

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I’ll Be Speaking at the Michigan Animal Law Symposium This Weekend

Will Potter will be speaking about why ag-gag laws are unconstitutional at the Michigan Animal Law Symposium on October 3rd.

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