beckham-lagoon-protestTwo animal rights activists in Utah are facing six months in jail for holding peaceful protests against an amusement park’s treatment of animals without first paying $50 and completing a “Free Expression Permit Application.”

On Tuesday evening, activists Jeremy Beckham and Lexie Levitt were visited at their homes by Salt Lake City Police detectives with court orders from nearby Farmington City.

Beckham says that when he saw a Salt Lake City detective at his door, his heart started racing and his body tensed; he quickly started filming, because he is familiar with animal activists being prosecuted as “terrorists” for things like chalking on the sidewalk.

He didn’t know what was about to happen, but he thought it could be serious. [click to continue…]

chalking-charges-dismissed-skanskaThe criminal charges against four animal rights activists who chalked slogans on the public street have been dropped, and they’re now free to continue with their protests against a new animal testing lab. [click to continue…]

happy-cowA U.S. District Court has struck down Idaho’s “ag-gag” law as an unconstitutional attempt by the agriculture industry to silence journalists, animal advocates, and whistleblowers who expose cruel farming practices.

The damning ruling—the first of its kind—spells trouble for the agriculture industry’s attempts in other states to outlaw photography and video recordings of animal welfare, workers’ rights, and environmental violations.

The ag-gag law “gives agricultural facility owners veto power, allowing owners to decide what can and cannot be recorded, effectively turning them into state-backed censors able to silence unfavorable speech about their facilities,” Judge Lyn Winmill said in the ruling. [click to continue…]

It took a literal intervention from the TED Fellows program and constant prodding from friends, but I’m finally doing this: I need an intern.

Not a get-me-coffee intern (although that would be great! GIVE ME ALL THE COFFEES!), but someone who is passionate and wants to make a meaningful contribution to this work and the overall mission.

Full details and official write-up below. [click to continue…]

4 Activists Arrested for Chalking “Save the Animals”

Four animal rights activists now face multiple charges for allegedly writing slogans against animal testing on public street using sidewalk chalk.

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BREAKING: 2 Activists Accused of Freeing Animals are Charged as Terrorists

The FBI arrested two animal rights activists for allegedly freeing mink from fur farms and vandalizing property. The terrorism announcement comes days before the national animal rights conference.

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Democracy Now Covers SeaWorld’s Dirty Tricks

Amy Goodman interviews Will Potter about Sea World’s attempts to infiltrate PETA and provoke illegal activity, and how other companies have done the same.

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Sea World Employee Busted Infiltrating PETA

A Sea World employee has been posing for years as a PETA activist in an attempt to infiltrate animal rights protests against the failing company.

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Investigator Speaks As She Heads to Jail for Exposing Factory Farm Cruelty

Interview with Amber Canavan days before she began her jail sentence for investigating a foie gras factory farm.

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New “Rise Above Factory Farming” Totes!

Check out these new tote bags with original artwork by Matt Gauck and support!

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