Now Booking Speaking Events for the Spring!

by Will Potter on January 26, 2015

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Will-Potter-Conference-132I’ve got a full travel schedule this spring but would be happy to try and set up a few more speaking events.

Here’s a bit more from promotional materials:

Will Potter has lectured internationally at more than 200 universities, law schools, and public forums about his work. Speaking engagements have included Yale Law School, the University of Canterbury, the New York City Bar Association, the House of Democracy and Human Rights in Berlin, and many others. He was recently selected as a TED Senior Fellow.

He has guest lectured for university courses on non-fiction writing (Johns Hopkins), constitutional law (University of Denver Sturm College of Law), and national security (Georgetown University).

He is available to speak on a range of topics dealing with social movements, animal rights and environmentalism, “terrorism,” and civil liberties.

Prior lectures have included:

  • “The War on Terrorism and the First Amendment”
  • “Hacking, Leaking, and Investigative Journalism in the Age of Secrecy”
  • “Behind Closed Doors: Ag-Gag Bills, Farm Animals, Food Safety, and the First Amendment”
  • “State Repression: Past and Present, From the Green Scare to the Continued War on the Black Liberation Movement”
  • “Manufacturing Terrorism: The FBI’s Surveillance, Harassment, and Production of Domestic Terrorists”

Will is also scheduling events with Jake Conroy of the SHAC 7. On their “From Activist to Terrorist” tour last year, Jake spoke about his personal experiences being sent to prison as a animal rights terrorist, and Will spoke about the broader political climate and how this all happened. Tour stops included Duke, Oberlin, and the University of Oregon, and they have gotten some great response. Check it out and see for yourself!

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New York State Bar Association #AgGag Lecture Coming Up

by Will Potter on January 24, 2015

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pig-cage-factory-farmUPDATE: This has been canceled due to the blizzard. Organizers hope to reschedule. Sorry!

I’ve been invited to address the New York State Bar Association at the annual meeting in New York City this week. I’ll be talking about ag-gag laws that restrict consumers’ right to know what factory farms are doing to animals, workers and the environment.

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Why We Need Brave Journalists

by Will Potter on January 23, 2015

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printing-press-tyrants-foeIt’s tempting to view the Charlie Hebdo attacks, or the Iranian blogger sentenced to death, or three Al Jazeera journalists sentenced to 7 years in prison in Egypt, or Getty Images scrambling to make money off of a Japanese journalist held hostage, as “foreign” examples of threats to a free press. But the United States ranks 46th in press freedoms, which I think is a telling reminder that it’s easier to talk about freedom of speech than it is to defend it.

TED has shown its support for journalists under fire by creating a playlist of TED talks called “Why We Need Brave Journalists.” 

It’s a hell of an honor to have my TED talk be included in the group, and I hope you’ll check them all out.


Editor’s note: Environmental activist Eric McDavid was recently released after nine years in prison following a court ruling where the government acknowledged withholding evidence during his trial. New evidence has surfaced of how an FBI informant, “Anna,” not only attempted to coerce the group into illegal actions, but used McDavid’s romantic feelings for her to entrap him. Such devious tactics by law enforcement are unfortunately not unique. This is a case study by Professor Michael Loadenthal of how police have used sexual relationships in the pursuit of activist surveillance.

Policing Through Sexual Infiltration

“It must be a horrifying experience to discover that your partner is not the person they say they are; that they may have been relaying information provided in confidence ‘on the pillow’, to the state; and that the fundamentals of the relationship were lies. Many have described the sense of violation they feel.” - Tamsin Allen [click to continue…]

Marathon live reading of Orwell’s 1984 at the DC Library (I’ll be there!)

What better way to fight the culture of secrecy and surveillance than to expose it publicly?

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Exclusive Interview with “Eco-Terrorist” Freed 10 Years Early After Feds Withheld Evidence on Informant’s Role

New documents reveal how an FBI informant improperly tried to lure McDavid into a romantic relationship.

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Excited to announce I’ve been selected as a TED Senior Fellow!

Good news to share!

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Eric McDavid Released from Prison, Feds Withheld Evidence

Environmental activist Eric McDavid has been released from prison after nine years following a court settlement where the government acknowledged withholding evidence during trial.

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Why Is The FBI Harassing Tar Sands Protesters In Washington and Oregon?

In August 2014, two activists with the environmentalist group Rising Tide spent a week riding the backwoods highways of Idaho monitoring a megaload—a big rig hauling equipment for processing tar-sands oil that’s wide enough to take up two lanes of road, too high to fit under a freeway overpass, can be longer than a football […]

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Why Is This One Congressman Trying to Block FOIA?

The United States is in dire need of an improved Freedom of Information Act. But there is one man trying to shut this bipartisan effort down.

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