It took a literal intervention from the TED Fellows program and constant prodding from friends, but I’m finally doing this: I need an intern.

Not a get-me-coffee intern (although that would be great! GIVE ME ALL THE COFFEES!), but someone who is passionate and wants to make a meaningful contribution to this work and the overall mission.

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chalkFour animal rights activists have been arrested for allegedly writing political slogans on the public street using sidewalk chalk.

The four were arrested in Beaverton, Oregon, and face charges of harassment, criminal mischief, and disorderly conduct.

The chalking was done as part of the growing “No New Animal Lab” campaign, which aims to stop the construction of a new underground animal experimentation facility at the University of Washington.

Activists have been protesting Skanska, an international construction firm hired to build the lab, and there have been protests at the home of David Schmidt, the Northwest Regional Co-Chief Operating Officer of Skanska, who signed the lab contract.

Washable sidewalk chalk was used to write on the sidewalk and public street. Phrases included “No new animal lab,” and “Save the animals.”

There have been protests in Schmidt’s neighborhood, some of which included activists chanting slogans. When they were chalking on the evening of July 22nd, though, the four activists arrested were not chanting or protesting.


The activists, who asked to not be identified as their charges are pending, said in interviews that when police arrived, they did not ask any questions or attempt to speak with them; the police immediately told them not to move and that they were all being detained. They were then transported separately to jail.

Their attorney, Lauren Regan of the Civil Liberties Defense Center, said that chalking slogans is clearly First Amendment protected activity.

“Law enforcement have a duty to uphold the constitutional rights of all citizens, and not merely to do the bidding of large corporations who seek to silence their critics,” she said. “In this instance, the police appear to be clearly violating the First Amendment rights of activists, which undoubtedly includes using sidewalk chalk to write slogans on public sidewalks, which are traditional public forums that provide the most expansive protection for free speech.”

The arrests accompany an escalating effort by Skanska to shut down the protests; in Seattle, the company obtained restraining orders against activists, prohibiting them from protesting company executives.

The four have an arraignment hearing on August 4th.

Meanwhile, they are continuing the campaign against Skanska, with a week of protests this week and a second march at the University of Washington planned for October 2nd.

animal activists release mink from fur farmsThe FBI arrested two animal rights activists today for allegedly freeing mink and other animals from fur farms, and vandalizing the property of animal-abusing businesses.

Joseph Buddenburg, 31, and Nicole Kissane, 28, were charged under the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act, a 2006 law that reclassified a wide range of petty criminal activity as “terrorism” if done in the name of harming the profits of animal enterprises.  [click to continue…]

potter-sea-world-democracy-now copyI had the pleasure of being on Democracy Now today to talk about how a Sea World employee was busted attempting to infiltrate PETA.

PETA attorney Matthew Strugar and volunteer Hal Weiss explained how “Thomas Jones,” who attended PETA protests and was arrested at a demonstration, was exposed as a corporate spy.

I talked about how this fits into a broader pattern of dirty tricks by corporations against political activists, and how they are operating without oversight or accountability.

As I noted on the program:  [click to continue…]

Sea World Employee Busted Infiltrating PETA

A Sea World employee has been posing for years as a PETA activist in an attempt to infiltrate animal rights protests against the failing company.

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Investigator Speaks As She Heads to Jail for Exposing Factory Farm Cruelty

Interview with Amber Canavan days before she began her jail sentence for investigating a foie gras factory farm.

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New “Rise Above Factory Farming” Totes!

Check out these new tote bags with original artwork by Matt Gauck and support!

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Environmentalists, leftists from the 1970s top FBI domestic terrorist list (Video)

Lindsay France speaks with investigative journalist Will Potter about his call for a Congressional investigation of the FBI’s terrorism lists.

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Here’s How #AgGag Made it Illegal to Expose Abuse at Daycares

VICE News interviews Will Potter about the evolution of ag-gag laws, and how they put vulnerable populations at risk.

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In Wyoming it’s now illegal to collect data about pollution

A new Wyoming law expands on the “ag-gag” trend of criminalizing whistleblowers in a new way: making it illegal for citizens to gather data about environmental pollution. Wyoming’s Senate Bill 12, or the “Data Trespassing Bill” as it’s being called, criminalizes the collection of “resource data.” It defines collection as “to take a sample of […]

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