national-geographic-drones-will-potterNational Geographic‘s Mary Beth Albright reports:

“Investigative journalist Will Potter has been long frustrated by state ‘ag gag’ laws criminalizing the use of false pretenses to access a farm for purposes not authorized by the owner (such as photographing animal cruelty). In some cases, the photographer is subject to greater punishment than the perpetrator of animal cruelty. So Potter got creative with a Kickstarter campaign to buy drones…”

You can read the full article at National Geographic.

Wonderful to see my new drone project creating such a buzz, and it’s not even off the ground (yuck yuck yuck). Be sure to sign up for email updates and follow along. Excited to get moving on this!



ronald-prestage-nppc-arrestedThe president-elect of the National Pork Producers Council has been arrested for carrying a gun into a Congressional building.

Ronald William Prestage was attempting to enter the Cannon House Office Building, which is where U.S. Representatives have offices.

As UPI reports, he was carrying a 9mm Ruger handgun and magazine.

No word yet what the gunman was planning.

The offense carries up to five years in prison.

However, what wire stories have not picked up on is the fact that this is the same Ron Prestage who is the president-elect of the National Pork Producers Council, an ag industry lobby group. [click to continue…]


I was recently on HuffPost Live talking about the recent case of two animal rights activists being prosecuted as “terrorists” for allegedly freeing mink from fur farms.

Tyler Lang and Kevin Olliff are being charged under the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act.

Watch the full video here: [click to continue…]

Rise Against supports Green Is the New Red

by Will Potter on July 17, 2014

in News

rise-against-greenisthenewredWell this made my day.

Tim from Rise Against says: “My new favorite thing is a book called Green Is The New Red by Will Potter.”

Watch the video below, with Tim talking about ag-gag laws, and how protest is being labeled as “terrorism.”

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Democracy Now: How did freeing animals from cages become an act of terrorism?

Democracy Now interviews Will Potter about the terrorism prosecution of two activists who allegedly releasing mink from fur farms.

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BREAKING: 2 Animal Activists Indicted as Terrorists for Freeing Mink

Prosecutors said freeing animals was “violent civil disobedience” as two activists are charged under the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act.

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We did it! Drone on the Farm is fully funded! And #BetterThanPotatoSalad

The potato salad Kickstarter is about supporting the “absurd and mundane.” This project is about coming together around something newsworthy, innovative, and ambitious.

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7 Reasons This Kickstarter Is Worth Every Dollar

With 24 hours left, here’s why you should support “Drone on the Farm.”

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Fast Company: Drones can get around strict “ag-gag” laws and document horrifying factory farms

Fast Company’s website of “world changing ideas and innovation” features Will Potter’s Kickstarter campaign.

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Farmers Already Threatening to Shoot Down My Drone

I haven’t even purchased the drone yet, and farmers are already threatening to shoot it down.

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