New “Rise Above Factory Farming” Totes!

by Will Potter on June 25, 2015

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animal protection tote bag

Jose Valle and the team at Igualdad Animal are hands down some of the smartest and most effective activists I’ve ever met, so I was excited to receive this photo from him with his new “Rise Above Factory Farming” tote bag that I made.

The totes are 15″ x 15″ with 10″ black handles. They’re a thick canvas, and wide enough so you can actually carry stuff. They are only $10 on the store, and all sales go straight into keeping this site running.

2015.06.11_rt_potterI recently was interviewed by Lindsay France about the FBI’s domestic terrorism priorities, and about my article “5 Reasons Why the FBI’s Most Wanted Domestic Terrorists List Should Have You Outraged.”

As I have reported here extensively, the FBI focuses on environmentalists and animal rights activists as “domestic terrorists” while violence by right-wing groups has increased 400% since the 1990s (for a detailed looked at the West Point study of right-wing extremism, check out this article).

Thanks to Lindsay for having me on the show! You can watch it below… [click to continue…]

daycareNorth Carolina’s new ag-gag law is a sweeping attack on whistleblowers, journalists, and anyone who documents abuse at a wide-range of facilities.

The law, which was vetoed by the governor and then overridden, lets businesses sue employees who expose what happens on the job, even if it what they are exposing is illegal.

It has dangerous implications for vulnerable groups in every segment of society, which is why it was opposed by AARP, veterans’ groups, and domestic violence organizations.

But these types of laws started out as an attempt to shut down undercover investigations of factory farms. So what changed? How has ag-gag gone from bad to worse, and how have we gotten to his point?

I spoke with VICE News about the trend: [click to continue…]

water-sampleA new Wyoming law expands on the “ag-gag” trend of criminalizing whistleblowers in a new way: making it illegal for citizens to gather data about environmental pollution.

Wyoming’s Senate Bill 12, or the “Data Trespassing Bill” as it’s being called, criminalizes the collection of “resource data.”

It defines collection as “to take a sample of material, acquire, gather, photograph or otherwise preserve information in any form from open land which is submitted or intended to be submitted to any agency of the state or federal government.”

Yes, you read that correctly. This law is explicitly targeting those who gather evidence from open land of corporate pollution for the purpose of turning that evidence over to the government. [click to continue…]

Exposing Cruelty in Nursing Homes, Factory Farms, Daycares Now a Crime in North Carolina

Despite opposition from a wide range of groups, including AARP, veterans, journalists, and animal welfare advocates, North Carolina lawmakers have overriden the governor’s veto of their ag-gag bill.

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5 Reasons Why the FBI’s Most Wanted Domestic Terrorists List Should Have You Outraged

If you want a clear idea of the FBI’s upside-down terrorism priorities, look no further than the bureau’s Most Wanted Domestic Terrorists lists.

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Interview with Will Potter on Rising Against the International Criminalisation of Activism

Australian animal rights campaigner Patty Mark is arrested for an open rescue of abused hens. Will Potter speaks with Progressive Podcast Australia about the international criminalization of dissent.

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#AgGag Victory! North Carolina Governor Vetoes Bill

North Carolina’s governor has vetoed the latest attempt to criminalize anyone who exposes animal cruelty on factory farms.

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New Documents Reveal FBI Spying on Keystone Pipeline Protesters

Will Potter speaks with VICE News about the FBI’s spying on environmental activists.

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Big news! I was selected for the Knight-Wallace journalism fellowship

Will Potter joins a group of international journalists selected for the Knight-Wallace Fellowship.

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