New Sticker — Animal Rights Activists Must “Join or Die”

by Will Potter on February 22, 2016

in Activism & Activists' Response,News

Join or Die sticker for animal rights and animal liberation activists, uniting social movements.

If you’ve been reading Green Is the New Red, you know that one of the most prevalent — and effective — tactics against social justice movements is to divide them, and let the factions turn on each other.

Animal advocates are challenging the most powerful and wealthy industries on the planet. This sticker (with the acronyms for a wide range of animal protection groups) is a reminder to focus on positive activism, rather than differences and disagreements with other activists.

Animal-abusing industries have been united in their campaign to label activists as “terrorists,” and lobby for the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act and “ag-gag” laws. It’s time activists do the same.

Design by Jessie Duke of Pioneers Press.

$2 each (and check out our other merchandise here)

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