This woman rowed straight into a hurricane. And you should too.

by Will Potter on February 11, 2016

in Activism & Activists' Response

mcclure-rowingOne of the most powerful talks I heard at TED last year was singer-songwriter Dawn Landes telling the story of Tori Murden McClure.

McClure dreamed of rowing across the Atlantic in a small boat, and found herself alone in the middle of a hurricane. Her boat capsized over and over again, and video tapes of her journey captured her desperation. She thought it was the end.

As I sat in the audience at TED, her story, and Landes’ delivery, had me in tears. There was something about seeing and hearing McClure isolated and alone, yet refusing to give in to hopelessness, that made her struggle feel universal.

I hope you’ll watch this talk all the way through, because at the end you’ll see the advice she received from Muhammad Ali that gave me chills.

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