Ron Arnold

Ron Arnold Defends Environmentalist Smeared as “Eco-terrorist”

Wow, here’s some news of the weird for you. There’s been an ongoing campaign against mountain top removal in West Virginia. Big Coal is playing dirty, and has been smearing opponents of their plans as “eco-terrorists.” The local press shamefully jumped on the bandwagon, calling Mike Roselle an “eco-terrorist” for civil disobedience and warning he […]

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3 Definitions of Eco-terrorism

After my recent post about the EPA’s list of environmental criminals not being labeled “eco-terrorists,” my nerdiness got the better of me and I couldn’t help thinking about grammar. The meaning of that term, “eco-terrorism,” isn’t intuitive or even logical. Depending on who is trying to use fear of “terrorism” to push a political agenda, […]

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Children’s Movie Called “Soft Core Eco-terrorism for Kids”

As if they hadn’t sunk low enough already, key players in the Green Scare are now going after a children’s movie. The teenage characters in Hoot, which opens this Friday, fight to end a development project that threatens a population of endangered owls.

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