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New York Bill Targets Undercover Investigators, as Two Other “Ag-Gag” Proposals Fail

A bill introduced in New York would criminalize undercover investigators who expose animal cruelty at factory farms and animal experimentation labs. The proposal is similar to other “Ag-Gag” legislation recently introduced in other states. The bills targeting undercover investigators in Iowa, Florida, and Minnesota have been met with such public outrage that two of them […]

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Huffington Post: “What is Big Ag Trying to Hide?”

The Huffington Post just published my op-ed on new bills being considered to criminalize undercover investigators, and punish anyone who exposes what goes on at factory farms. Here’s an excerpt: Undercover investigations by the Humane Society, Mercy for Animals and other groups have exposed systemic animal cruelty at factory farms. The video footage has led […]

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