Huffington Post: “What is Big Ag Trying to Hide?”

by Will Potter on April 22, 2011

in Terrorism Legislation

The Huffington Post just published my op-ed on new bills being considered to criminalize undercover investigators, and punish anyone who exposes what goes on at factory farms.

Here’s an excerpt:

Undercover investigations by the Humane Society, Mercy for Animals and other groups have exposed systemic animal cruelty at factory farms. The video footage has led to criminal convictions in Iowa, voter referendums in Florida, and consumer outrage at the most egregious animal welfare abuses.

Rather than put an end to these practices, though, corporations and agriculture industry groups have hit back with another plan: criminalize anyone who exposes their wrongdoing.

Read the whole thing on Huffington Post, and please share it and leave a comment! This is my first time writing for Huffington Post, and it would be great to show that people care deeply about these issues.

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