Attack On Factory Farm Whistleblowers Goes Global

“Ag-gag” laws targeting undercover investigators are being exported to other countries.

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VICTORY: Finland Animal Activists Acquitted on Nearly All Counts for Exposing Factory Farms

Two animal rights activists in Finland have been found not guilty on nearly all charges related to their undercover investigations of factory farms, which revealed sick, injured, and dying pigs. Karry Hedberg and Saila Kivelä of Oikeutta Eläimille (Justice for Animals) were charged with “aggravated defamation” because of their exposés. According to Finnish news outlet Helsingin […]

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Finland Prosecutes Animal Activists for Undercover Videos Exposing Factory Farms

As animal rights activists continue to expose the systemic cruelty of factory farming, the industries targeted are doing everything they can to keep the public in the dark. I’ve written previously about attempts to pass new legislation criminalizing undercover investigations, how EUROPOL lists undercover videos as a terrorism threat, and how Spanish activists are being […]

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