Finland Prosecutes Animal Activists for Undercover Videos Exposing Factory Farms

by Will Potter on September 28, 2011

in Terrorism Court Cases

finnish animal activists undercover videoAs animal rights activists continue to expose the systemic cruelty of factory farming, the industries targeted are doing everything they can to keep the public in the dark. I’ve written previously about attempts to pass new legislation criminalizing undercover investigations, how EUROPOL lists undercover videos as a terrorism threat, and how Spanish activists are being prosecuted as “terrorists” for their work. Now, two activists in Finland are being prosecuted for exposing what goes on behind closed doors at 30 pig farms. Mikko Alanne wrote at the Huffington Post:

In December 2009, Finnish media outlets stunned the nation by publishing disturbing video and photographs from inside 30 pig factory farms, the result of a two-month undercover investigation by the leading Finnish animal rights group, Justice for Animals. You can see the images and videos here.

Sights of injured, dead, and dying pigs outraged a country whose factory farmers had always touted their “humane” practices. Members of Parliament and even agribusiness representatives condemned what they saw. Police investigations were promised. There were even calls for the Minister of Agriculture to resign (she didn’t).

Now, almost two years later, the events have taken a truly incredible turn.

Instead of charging a single pig factory farmer with cruelty to animals, Finnish authorities are prosecuting the two activists who made the undercover videos, Karry Hedberg and Saila Kivelä. The charges are “aggravated defamation” of the nation’s pig farmers and “disturbing the peace.”

Check out the rest of Mikko Alanne’s excellent article here.



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