Daniel Andreas San Diego

Guest-blogging at Powell’s Books

The good folks at Powell’s Books, Inc. have invited me to guest-blog all week. (Which is a bit daunting, considering Erik Larson was blogging for them last week. As an aside, Devil in the White City had a huge influence on how I thought about approaching my own book.) Here’s an excerpt of my first post: […]

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Animal Rights Activist Named Alongside Bin Laden on FBI’s Terrorist List

An animal rights activist, Daniel Andreas San Diego, is the first “domestic terrorist” to be added to the FBI’s list of most wanted terrorists. The FBI says: “At the time of his flight Mr. San Diego was a committed vegan. If he has maintained this discipline, people around him may notice that he avoids consuming […]

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Feds Go Hunting Internationally for “Domestic Terrorist”

When’s the last time you heard anything about Osama bin Laden? Yeah, same here. Bin Laden, the face of international terrorism, hasn’t been in the news much lately, and I can’t remember the last time I heard anything about the U.S. government making any headway on his capture. Meanwhile, U.S. law enforcement agencies are going […]

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