Feds Go Hunting Internationally for “Domestic Terrorist”

by Will Potter on February 23, 2008

in Government Priorities

When’s the last time you heard anything about Osama bin Laden? Yeah, same here. Bin Laden, the face of international terrorism, hasn’t been in the news much lately, and I can’t remember the last time I heard anything about the U.S. government making any headway on his capture. Meanwhile, U.S. law enforcement agencies are going on an international manhunt for… an animal rights activist?

The FBI put out a warning to Costa Rican media that Daniel Andreas San Diego could be living in their country.

“He has links with animal rights groups in the U.S., and he could be linked with similar organizations in Costa Rica,” the FBI said. A $250,000 reward is offered for information leading to his arrest.

San Diego is a suspect in the bombing of the Chiron building in northern California, from 2003. The company had ties to Huntingdon Life Sciences, the notorious animal testing lab. It was a very serious, very dangerous crime, to be sure–the device including metal debris that could have harmed people, not just the building– but it was still a crime that only caused minor property damage and did not harm anyone. It seems a little outrageous for federal law enforcement to go on an international hunt for a domestic crime that caused little damage. And is almost five years old.

San Diego has also made it on America’s Most Wanted. Dear John Walsh: I know the “eco-terror” buzz is sexy and all, and helps break up the monotony of murderers, rapists and child abusers that typically make up your show… but seriously?

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