Guest-blogging at Powell’s Books

by Will Potter on May 16, 2011

in Government Priorities

The good folks at Powell’s Books, Inc. have invited me to guest-blog all week. (Which is a bit daunting, considering Erik Larson was blogging for them last week. As an aside, Devil in the White City had a huge influence on how I thought about approaching my own book.)

Here’s an excerpt of my first post:

The FBI has grayed out Osama bin Laden on its Most Wanted Terrorists List. Nearly 10 years after September 11, his death is clearly a historic point in the War on Terrorism and one that some have even applauded as a victory for America, for freedom. However, another legacy of September 11 endures. Next to bin Laden’s photo on this list of the FBI’s top terrorism threats, sandwiched between people who have murdered countless civilians, is a listing for a very different type of “terrorist”: an animal rights activist.

Read more over on the Powell’s blog.

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