Fur Farmers Attack Italian Activists for Photographing Animals

by Will Potter on September 4, 2013

in Activism & Activists' Response

Italian fur farmers attack photographersItalian animal rights activists have begun a campaign to halt the construction of a new fur farm in Italy, and also to shut down existing farms. Activists I spoke with said their efforts have been favorably received by the public and, not surprisingly, the fur industry isn’t very happy about this.

Much like the factory farming industry, the fur industry is completely dependent on public ignorance and disassociation with how the animals are treated. On August 15th, activists were photographing a fur farm in Dover, near Milano, in order to document and expose these facilities to consumers.

They were spotted by the farmers, and the farm owner, Giorgio Moroni, and two friends threatened the photographers with sticks. Then they got in their car and pursued the photographers in a dangerous chase. They rammed the photographers’ car, attempting to run them off the road. They can also been seen waving a stick out the window, and clearly enjoying the chase when they are flashing “devil horns” with their hands. The cameras kept rolling, and you can watch below.

The fur industry in Italy, much like the U.S. and other countries, has repeatedly called animal rights activists “terrorists.” But the only people who are trying to harm human beings are the fur farmers. Activists are simply shining a light on a hidden industry, and in the process, fur farmers are inadvertently revealing their own violent nature.

You can sign a petition from Visioni Liberi asking the City of Dover to revoke the license of Giorgio Moroni, and shut down his fur farm.


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