Melbourne Radio Interview with Will Potter

by Will Potter on August 22, 2013

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When I was on my recent speaking tour, I sat down with Michelle Bennett of 3RRR 102.7 FM in Melbourne, Australia, to talk about Green Is the New Red and how corporate tactics used against political activists are spreading internationally.

It was a pleasure speaking with Michelle, who was already well-versed on the issues; it allowed for a more detailed discussion of how this is happening. As an added bonus, 3RRR had an espresso machine at the station, which is a godsend when doing morning interviews on tour.

We talked a bit about how all of this backlash is occurring at the same time more and more people are sympathetic to environmental activism:

“It’s OK to talk about buying another type of car… but when you’re out on the front lines threatening corporate profits, that’s when it becomes terrorism.”

Listen to the full interview here.

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