This is what we need this Earth Day

by Will Potter on April 22, 2015

in Activism & Activists' Response

earth-first-burger-king-protestThis photo is from a demonstration in 1987 in Chico, California. The Rainforest Action Network, Earth First!, and People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals teamed up for a “Whopper Stopper” protest against Burger King, and the environmental impact of meat-eating.

The protest was ahead of its time. Every day, we are learning more about how animal agriculture is destroying the planet. Even DC newspapers like The Hill are pointing out that a “vegan diet is best for the planet.”

Unfortunately, animal welfare and environmental groups aren’t often at the same protests. As Cowspiracy documented, many environmental groups don’t even acknowledge the greatest threats to climate change.

But I think this photo, from the wonderful archive The Talon Conspiracy, is a great example of how political divisions on these issues are self-created.

So here’s a challenge for you this Earth Day: reach out to someone outside of your political circle (and friend circle) and talk about the environmental impact of animal agriculture. I think we’d all be surprised by the unlikely alliances that could result.

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