Vegan Bake Sales and “Domestic Terrorist” Aprons on CNN

by Will Potter on April 30, 2010

in News

cnn vegan bake sale domestic terrorist apronCNN has a great article up, “Global bake sale is ‘sweet’ vegan activism.” It features the fantastic Jasmin Singer of Our Hen House, who has what may be the best quote I have ever seen on CNN:

(CNN) — When animal rights activist Jasmin Singer found herself face to face with a scientist who conducts animal testing, a cupcake was exchanged instead of harsh words.

“A good vegan cupcake has the power to transform everything for the better,” Singer said. “It’s almost like a political statement with icing.”

The accompanying slideshow has photos of vegan bake sales, including one in New York City where the lovely Sarah is wearing a “domestic terrorist” apron from!

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