terrorism surveillance of political activistsThe FBI, Homeland Security, and corporations have repeatedly been exposed spying on political activists as “terrorists.” Tactics include informants, wiretaps and undercover cops.

For example:

Here are some recent articles about terrorism surveillance:

How the NSA Kept Us From Knowing About a Previous, Illegal Domestic Spy Program in 2006

New reports of NSA spying on Americans echo a previous, illegal operations. Here’s how the NSA kept one of them from being exposed.

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Counter-Terrorism Unit Keeps Files on Journalists, Reports that My Book Is “Compelling and Well Written”

New documents include counter-terrorism reports on articles, lectures, and books critical of the government’s repression of political activists.

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FBI Seeks Activist “Liaisons” — Agent Says “We Don’t Just Work for Those Big Companies”

FBI agents visited an animal rights activist in Minnesota saying that they “don’t just work” for Big Ag corporations, and that they are in search of activist “liaisons.”

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Coca Cola Hired Spy Firm Stratfor to Investigate PETA

Coca Cola hired the “global intelligence” spy firm Stratfor to investigate People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, according to company emails released by Wikileaks.

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Discussion of Government Surveillance of Activists with Will Potter, Former FBI Agent, ACLU and More

I was on Austin’s KOOP radio a while back, and had a great discussion about the FBI’s use of surveillance, infiltration and informants within social movements with Colleen Rowley (retired FBI agent), Michael May (Texas Observer managing editor), Debbie Russell (ACLU of Texas) and Scott Crow (author of Black Flags and Windmills). You can listen […]

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Undercover Cop Who Spied on Greens Offers to Testify on Their Behalf (Video)

Undercover police officer Mark Kennedy spied on environmental groups for seven years, then offered to cooperate with activists against the police.

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FBI File Reveals Discussion of Discrediting Animal Rights Activists by Planting Rumors

An FBI file reveals conversations between the FBI and an informant about how to disrupt political activism. The topics discussed echo COINTELPRO-era tactics of the 1960s.

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PA Homeland Security Firm Compares Rainforest Action Network to Al-Qaeda (Video)

I was on the Alyona Show last night talking emails between the PA Department of Homeland Security and a private counter-terrorism firm comparing environmental groups to Al-Qaeda.

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FBI Raids [Insert Social Movement Here] Activists

If activist communities are going to survive this repression and move forward, and if we are going to welcome others to join us, we must lay claim to a space between the extremes of patriotic naiveté and hopelessness.

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PA Homeland Security Bulletin Warned of Extremist “Recruitment” at Carriage Horse Protest

Intelligence bulletins warned that an animal rights protest against the use of carriage horses could be “a fertile recruiting or meeting ground” for extremists.

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