Ag Industry Compares My Kickstarter to the “Death Star”

by Will Potter on July 6, 2014

in Surveillance,Terrorism Legislation

death-starMy Kickstarter campaign to purchase drones and investigate factory farms is still going (3 days left!), but the agriculture industry has already taken notice.

On, Emily Meredith of the Animal Agriculture Alliance compares my aerial photography to the “death star.”

“Imagine you’re on your farm and you look up to find a small model-airplane/Star Wars Death Star-type object hovering over your property,” she writes. “…this hypothetical could become reality if Will Potter gets his way.”

Well, not to be too much of a sci-fi nerd here, but I feel like it must be said that the Death Star blew up planets. 

My project is to take photographs.

So how in the world could the agriculture industry compare cameras to futuristic weapons of mass destruction? Why is photography so threatening to factory farms?

With your help, we can find out.

Right now, a generous donor is matching every new or increased contribution over $45,000, to help me meet my expanded goal. That means if you contribute $25 today, the donor will make it $50. Help make this happen! (Cue Star Wars theme).

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