Tea Partiers Opposing “Radical” Anti-Puppy Mill Legislation

by Will Potter on November 2, 2010

in Terrorism Legislation

You want to know who is voting today? Here’s an example: these Tea Partiers think that Missouri’s Proposition B, which would regulate the state’s puppy mills, is part of the Humane Society’s “radical agenda.”

This Puppy Mill Cruelty Prevention Act includes “radical” proposals such as requiring breeders to feed their animals daily and regularly.

A pro-breeder group called the Alliance For Truth is leading the fight against the legislation. Anita Andrews told TPM that the Humane Society is extremist because they think “humans and animals are on the same level, ownership of an animal is slavery,” and that “animals should have attorney representation.”

Alliance for Truth has the backing of local Tea Partiers and Joe the Plumber (apparently he’s still around?).

If you read this site regularly, you probably know I’m about the last person to put much faith in elected officials. I’ve written frequently on this site about how Obama has advocated national security policies that are in some ways worse than Bush, and how politicians lied about the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act.

Here’s the thing:

We have far too much work to do in fighting the Green Scare, and too few people doing it. If the people who believe this kind of nonsense are elected, it will lead to more legislation, more arrests, more media campaigns.

These folks, the ones who think that groups like the Humane Society are “radical” and “extremist,” they’re voting.

Regardless of how you vote today, or whether you vote at all, please think about that.

UPDATE: Prop B narrowly passed.

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