Alex Hall

Activist Begins Prison Sentence for Refusing to Name Names and For Quoting Dave Chappelle

Utah animal rights activist Jordan Halliday has begun a 10-month prison sentence for refusing to testify before a federal grand jury.

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William Viehl Pleads Guilty to ALF Fur Farm Raid

William Viehl has changed his plea to guilty and admitted releasing hundreds of mink from a Utah fur farm as part of an Animal Liberation Front raid. Viehl and his codefendant, Alex Hall, were charged under the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act. He now faces up to 5 years in prison. Alex Hall is still taking […]

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2 Animal Rights Activists Arrested as “Terrorists” for Freeing Mink in Utah

Two animal rights activists have been arrested under the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act in connection to the release of mink from Utah fur farms. The crimes are attributed to the Animal Liberation Front, which the FBI labels the “number one domestic terrorism threat.” William Viehl, 22, and Alex Hall, 20, were arrested in connection with […]

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