The Writing Life, Burnout, and What it Means to Keep Fighting

by Will Potter on October 1, 2015

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potter-radio-headshotI had a great time chatting with Ray Harkins for his podcast, 100 Words or Less. If you haven’t heard Ray’s show before, please check it out. He interviews folks involved in independent culture, especially those connected to punk and hardcore, but the conversations are much broader and deeper than that.

We talked a bit about how those subcultures are connected to the social movements I write about, and also looked at burnout, dealing with high-stress situations, and why I still find reasons to be inspired.

From Ray:

Will Potter is on the show this week and he’s incredibly smart. He’s a published author with a great book (called Green Is The New Red) on the animal agriculture industry and how the people who rally against it are considered domestic terrorists as well as an accomplished public speaker with two TED talks underneath his belt. In this episode Will and I discuss the romantic notions of some professions, high pressure situations and activism in general. It’s a chat I am proud to present to you fine folk.

You can listen to the show here.

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