Chef Calls Vegetarians “Terrorist Scum”

by Will Potter on November 29, 2007

in Terrorism Scare Mongering

BourdainYou know, when I started I was actually concerned about the site being too much of a “specialty” publication. All “eco-terrorism” and civil liberties, all the time. Fine by me, but niche markets can reach an extreme (not that I have anything against magazines like Coin Collector, Air Traffic Management or Crochet World, mind you).

Little did I know I’d actually get to write about film, sexuality and now…gourmet food?

Get this. Anthony Bourdain, a chef and TV personality, says vegetarians “are the worst kind of terrorists.” Joshua Valocchi at Philadelphia Weekly asked about what Bourdain calls a “plague of vegetarians”:

“These fucking people are not really all about us not eating duck liver,” snarls Bourdain. “No, no, no. They don’t want us eating any animal product whatsoever.

“When they win this tiny battle, they’ll move to the next one, like freeing the lobsters.

“These people,” says Bourdain, “are the worst kind of terrorists. And they must be stopped.”

Really? The “worst kind of terrorists”? The DHS threat level is clearly upside down. Green and red need to be inverted. Move over Al Qaeda, your bombs and guns and planes flying into buildings are no match for tofu terrorists.

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