Igualdad Animal

Exclusive: New Virtual Reality Investigation Goes Inside Factory Farms

“What I am about to show you is very difficult to experience, once you have been inside, there’s no turning back, ” Jose Valle says, in this bold new 360 documentary.

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New “Rise Above Factory Farming” Totes!

Check out these new tote bags with original artwork by Matt Gauck and support GreenIsTheNewRed.com!

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Breaking: 12 Activists Arrested in Spain, Being Charged With “Eco-Terrorism”

Twelve animal rights and environmental activists have been arrested in Spain and are being labeled “eco-terrorists.” Little information is available about this developing story right now, but some of the activists have worked with Igualdad Animal on open rescues, walking into factory farms where animals were being abused, documenting the animal welfare violations, and then […]

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