Pat Boone Warns of “Sexual Jihadists” and HOMO-grown “Terrorists”

by Will Potter on January 28, 2009

in Activism & Activists' Response,Terrorism Scare Mongering

Pat Boone looking very You remember that terrorist attack in Mumbai? With hundreds of people dead and India and Pakistan–nuclear powers–facing off? Well, you know what that’s like?

Gay people who want to get married!

From Pat Boone’s column in WorldNetDaily:

What troubles me so deeply, and should trouble all thinking Americans, is that there is a real, unbroken line between the jihadist savagery in Mumbai and the hedonistic, irresponsible, blindly selfish goals and tactics of our homegrown sexual jihadists.

[Um, okay Pat. I hate to do this, but shall we all reminisce about your leather vest and chaps worn while promoting your album? Lookin’ a little “sexual jihadist” there, dontcha think? For those that don’t know, you’ve got to view these images in the context of bear culture.]

It’s amazing how fluid all of this terrorism rhetoric is, and how blurry the lines between “eco-terrorism” and “gay terrorism” and “corporate terrorism” and all the other types of scare-mongering have become. Right-wing nuts like Pat Boone, following the lead in the Green Scare, have seen an opportunity to label anyone and everyone they oppose as terrorists. (And they’re pretty eager to label everyone “gay” as well. You might recall that folks like this also said tofu makes you gay and Charlotte’s Web is animal rights extremism.)

Here’s the deal, though, Pat: If you’re really worried about homegrown and homo-grown terrorism, it’s not the mainstream folks in California and around the country who want to get married and adopt children that you should worry about. It’s these folks (and I mean that, of course, as a compliment to “Bash Back”):

Bash Back

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