Hollywood Eco-terrorists Support Right to Arm Bears

by Will Potter on October 6, 2006

in Terrorism Scare Mongering

Those eco-terrorists in Hollywood are incorrigible. You’d think they’d have learned their lesson after being slammed for Hoot, which was nothing more than soft-core eco-terrorism for kids. But no, they’re back at it again, this time with Open Season, an animated anti-hunting terrorist communiqué. Those militants Ashton Kutcher and Martin Lawrence star in a film that pushes eco-terrorism on unsuspecting and impressionable young Americans.

It’s disgraceful that Cybercast News Service and industry groups haven’t campaigned to get this film pulled from the theatres. Have they lost all their nerve to stand up to these terrorist cartoonists? This is a serious national security threat, folks. As a noble American said about Hollywood’s last eco-terrorist manifesto:

“Hoot is not just pushing eco-terrorism. It’s pushing social and political terrorism as well,” Ron Arnold, author of “EcoTerror: The Violent Agenda to Save Nature: The World of the Unabomber,” told Cybercast News Service.

“Hoot’s Hollywood producers wouldn’t think it was so cute if it was their studio the kids destroyed,” Arnold added.

The same goes for Open Season. Would these Hollywood producers think it was so cute if crazed mallards dropped propane tanks to blow up their SUVs? Would these Hollywood producers think it was so cute if they were chased by chainsaw-wielding beavers? Would these Hollywood producers think it was so cute if they were attacked by a terrorist cell of Scottish squirrels? I think not.

Fortunately, the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act pending in Congress may make it possible for the government to go after extremists who think they can use their First Amendment rights so recklessly. It’s predecessor, the Animal Enterprise Protection Act, was used to convict the SHAC 7 on terrorism charges for running a website, but that’s not enough. We need stronger legislation if we’re going to shut down violent websites like the one run by Sony Pictures, featuring an Open Season “game” where a deer uses hunters for eco-terrorist target practice with a brassiere slingshot.

Kutcher and Lawrence need to come to the hard realization that eco-terrorist harassment and intimidation will not be tolerated. It’s the God-given right of all Americans to pump animals full of lead while knocking back a few Old Milwaukees.

Please contact the anti-civilization radicals at Sony Pictures and tell them, loud and clear, that if you aren’t with us, you’re with the terrorists.

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