Obama “Pals Around With Terrorists”: What About You?

by Will Potter on October 7, 2008

in Terrorism Scare Mongering

As McCain’s campaign is sinking, and it’s getting harder and harder to differentiate Sarah Palin from Tina Fey, his campaign team has pulled out a tactic straight from the “Green Scare” playbook. Palin has said Barack Obama “pals around with terrorists” because he has worked with the same organizations as Bill Ayers, a former member of the Weather Underground.

As background: In the 60s, Ayers was involved with bombings against government buildings in protest of the Vietnam War and U.S. imperialism. Now, he is highly regarded by the mayor of Chicago, and he has been named citizen of the year. Check out this video of Ayers speaking about his long-time work on education issues, and his crazy, terrorist ideas about teaching children to think for themselves. What a radical!

I’ll leave it to you all to post comments about whether Ayers and the Weather Underground are “terrorists,” but that’s really besides the point. McCain and Palin are saying Obama is guilty by association.

Sound familiar? Yeah, kind of like how the Center for Consumer Freedom said the Humane Society is “consorting with terrorists” for allowing another organization to simply set up a table at an animal welfare conference.

These tactics are fluid. They aren’t limited to animal rights activists, environmentalists, or communists. The T-word can be used against any enemy of the hour, and anyone who even associates with those recklessly labeled as “terrorists.” I guess by that skewed logic I’m a “terrorist” (I’ve even–egad!–had drinks and dinner with “terrorists.” And enjoyed it!) What about you?

And McCain, listen up. I’m calling you out. GreenIsTheNewRed.com has already exposed the Earth Liberation Front’s Retirement Cell, and it’s only a matter of time before you’re exposed for associating with them. Attacking Obama won’t protect you: you’re either with us or against us, gramps.

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