Community Service for a “Global Incident of Terrorism”

by Will Potter on November 17, 2007

in Terrorism Scare Mongering

Lubbock eco-terrorismLooks like Lubbock, TX has made its mark on a map of “global incidents of terrorism.” While some cities may have gotten a spot on the map for, say, flying planes into buildings or murdering people, Texans have more of a backwoods flair.

From the Global Incident Map, this is listed under “General Terrorism News” and “eco-terrorism”:

[KCBD] TEXAS – Lubbock Bike Path Saboteur Sentenced

“In February, Knape strung wires between trees at the park, and placed broken glass and other obstacles on the bike trail. He was apparently trying to harm bicyclists as a way to protect the wildlife”

He was sentenced to 600 hours of community service and three years probation after pleading no contest. I’m shocked the FBI didn’t put out a press release claiming a victory in the “War on Terrorism.”

Pre 9/11, this would probably be relegated to a “global incident map” of curmudgeonly old men.

On a serious note, though, what’s even more outrageous about stuff like this is that this guy actually tried to hurt people, unlike the animal rights and environmental activists that the FBI has labeled the “number one domestic terrorism threat.” He gets community service. Someone like Jeff Luers, who vandalized SUVs, gets 22 years in prison.

Thanks for the link, Drew!

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