Conservatives Caution Against Federal Influence on Domestic “Terrorism”

by Will Potter on October 14, 2007

in Activism & Activists' Response

Great example of how many people may not be sympathetic to people who commit crimes in the name of the environment or animals, but they do see the danger of this ever-expanding “War on Terrorism.” From James Jay Carafano at the Heritage Foundation (click through for his ridiculously-long Heritage style title):

Domestic radicalization is a domestic problem. The initial strategy emphasized that the purpose of homeland security was to combat transnational terrorism. The new strategy places emphasis on the threat of domestic radicalization. Dealing with all forms of domestic terrorism—from eco-terrorism to an al-Qaeda wannabe—is certainly a national responsibility. However, it is less certain that conflating all threats (whether they have an international affiliation or not) under the umbrella of a homeland security strategy is a good idea. Like the emphasis on natural disasters, this change in the homeland security strategy could eventually turn purely domestic public safety and criminal issues into national security concerns, leading to an overly intrusive federal role in domestic affairs.

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