Chip in a Few Dollars and Let’s Print These Fliers!

by Will Potter on May 5, 2008

in News

Green Scare Flier from Eberhardt PressThe great folks at Eberhardt Press are ready to print an updated version of these wonderful fliers. I had been taking them to speaking events, and my first run of several hundred was gone after about two events. They’re able to print them at $10 for 100 fliers, which is a steal.

I rarely make requests for donations, but I’d love to get a few thousand of these printed (or more, because they’ll definitely get used). Plus, I’m about to place an order for some pretty cool super-secret stuff that’ll be available on the site, and it requires several hundred dollars up front. So, if you can chip in, even a few bucks, please do so! (If we raise enough to cover both of these projects, any money left over goes right back into the website, of course).

There’s a PayPal button in the middle column.

Thanks everyone!

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