Radio and Print Coverage From Austin Green Scare Event

by Will Potter on March 6, 2008

in Government Priorities

KVRX radio also aired the audio of my talk (the intro is from a student). Apologies if some parts are confusing, because I was using a projector for images and that doesn’t translate well for radio. But anyway, here it is.

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Also, The Daily Texan covered the event, and had a great article about it by Katie Petroski. An excerpt:

“It doesn’t matter how you feel about environmental issues because at the end of the day, recklessly labeling people as terrorists puts everyone at risk,” he said. “At the point where any reasonable person doing legal activism within the community has to pause to think about the risk of being labeled a terrorist, it’s gone way too far.”

Groups that choose to distance themselves from illegal or questionable activities do not save themselves from being targeted by corporations with a political agenda, Potter said. He accredits this targeting of eco-terrorists to a culture war between environmental and animal activists and industrial capitalists.

[They also ran a pretty hilarious photo, in which, as a friend said, I look “like a very, very angry person.” I prefer to think it looks like I’m summoning armies of the undead.]

A question, though. I get plenty of hatemail, on a regular basis, and see plenty of blog comments about “you’re a terrorist” blah blah blah. But one comment on The Daily Texan article takes the cake: What, exactly, is an “asshat”? Does that mean my hat looks like an ass? Or my ass looks like a hat? Or that he would like to wear my… you get the picture.

And ma, if you’re reading, sorry for saying “ass” so many times. Shit, I did it again.

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