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by Will Potter on December 18, 2008

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TwitterI’ve been badmouthing the “micro-blogging” at Twitter for a while now, but I’m starting to come around. Part of that was talking to my old boss/mentor at the American Civil Liberties Union (a former New York Times reporter and all around media genius, in my opinion). We both agreed that newspapers and magazines are tanking, and that nobody has a clue where all this is heading. But it’s clear that if you’re serious about getting your message out, you need to be willing to evolve and experiment.

So if you’re on Twitter, please add me, and let’s get going on this. Don’t worry, I won’t just be reposting links to new articles (although that’ll probably be part of it). I’m thinking I could also Twitter to:

  • Network with bloggers, journalists, and readers
  • Find new stuff to blog about
  • Get feedback, like bouncing ideas off of folks for what you’d like to see more of on the site
  • Post links and updates that frankly aren’t worthy of an entire blog post
  • Promote to a larger audience (with your help)

Also, I’m twittering as “will_potter” (rather than GNR or “Green Scare” or something like that) because, well, it seems a service like this works best with real humans behind it. But I promise not to post about what I ate for breakfast (two bagels, peanut butter, double espresso… just sayin’).

What do you think (about plans for Twitter, not about my breakfast)?

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