A Reading List From My Ted Talk

by Will Potter on June 19, 2014

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ted-further-reading-will-potterThe TED Ideas Blog has a list of articles and books to check out for more information on my TED talk.

From TED:

So-called “ag-gag laws” seek to make it illegal to photograph animal cruelty on factory farms — and have already been passed in states such as Utah, Iowa, Missouri, and Idaho, with more to come. Yet too few of us seem to know about what’s going on in these farms — or why such wrong-headed laws are being passed. After all, carnivore or not, don’t we all care that our food comes from safe, hygienic environments? As Mark Bittman wrote in 2011, “poll after poll finds that almost everyone believes that even if it costs more, farm animals should be treated humanely” — and yet the law seems to be moving in the opposite direction.

Investigative journalist Will Potter wants to change that — or at least draw attention to twisted laws that, as he puts it, might lead to more jail time for exposing cruelty than for committing it. Here, he shares a list of useful resources for anyone looking to find out more about what’s going on in this world, including a few self-penned pieces, a look at how certain FBI agents are so desperate to thwart a terrorist plot they’ll even go about creating one — and one more uplifting read for anyone whose soul feels crushed at the insane nightmare of it all.

Check out the list on TED.com.

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