Democracy Now: How did freeing animals from cages become an act of terrorism?

by Will Potter on July 15, 2014

in Terrorism Court Cases

2014.07.15-democracynow-ag-gagI was on Democracy Now this morning talking about the recent indictment of two animal rights activists as terrorists for allegedly releasing mink from fur farms.

Tyler Lang and Kevin Olliff allegedly opened cages on at least one fur farm, allowing the animals to run free rather than be skinned and turned into coats and fashion accessories. They also allegedly spraypainted “Love is Liberation” on the fur farm.

Amy Goodman asked me about how actions like this—which are clearly illegal, but injured no one—can be prosecuted as terrorism. We discussed the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act, ag-gag laws, and also my newly-funded Kickstarter.

Huge thanks to Democracy Now for consistently covering these issues!

PS You know times are changing when you have Gotham’s Police Commissioner on your side:

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