Is Wikileaks “Un-American”? (Video)

by Will Potter on December 18, 2010

in Terrorism Court Cases

is wikileaks un-american will potterToday Bank of America announced it would no longer handle any financial transactions for Wikileaks. The news comes after Paypal, Mastercard, Amazon, and other corporations have done the same. It’s not surprising, considering Wikileaks founder Julian Assange told CNBC yesterday that the group plans to release information about banks that will show “unethical practices.”

Rather than holding corporations accountable for putting their private interests above public interests, politicians are predictably saying it’s “Un-American” to support Wikileaks and demand checks and balances on government power.

I was on The Alyona Show last night talking about this, and Time magazine’s absurd decision to name Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg “Person of the Year” rather than take a risk promoting an “un-American” figure like Julian Assange. (Time truly is on the cutting edge of 2007.)

See also “The Top 5 Myths & Lies from Wikileaks Opponents”.

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