New Reviews in Reason Magazine, Earth Island Journal, and Literary Animal

by Will Potter on December 19, 2011

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It’s great to see the book getting positive reviews from a wide range of audience. Here a few new reviews I wanted to highlight:

The libertarian Reason Magazine connects these issues to its readership (who, I think it’s safe to say, are not often fans of animal rights activists or environmentalists), and warns: “Potter makes a strong case that the authorities have exaggerated the threat such activists pose… the encroachments he laments are part of a larger expansion of federal police power, one that affects the right as well as the left.”

The Earth Island Journal has a lengthy review in the Winter 2012 issue, and called it a “deeply troubling account of the federal government’s crackdown on the radical environmental movement.”

And on the Literary Animal blog, Sangu Iyer writes:

“Green is the New Red embodies one of my favorite forms of writing. It is part memoir, part history, part investigative journalism. Belonging to the school of “new journalism,” where an author acknowledges his role in the story, this book  is a thrilling read for both its exhaustive research and the intimate nature of the telling…. Released in the year of several global political uprisings and the Occupy Wall Street Movement, Green is the New Red is particularly relevant and insightful reading for all concerned citizens questioning corporate power.”

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