Why We Need Brave Journalists

by Will Potter on January 23, 2015

in Terrorism Court Cases

printing-press-tyrants-foeIt’s tempting to view the Charlie Hebdo attacks, or the Iranian blogger sentenced to death, or three Al Jazeera journalists sentenced to 7 years in prison in Egypt, or Getty Images scrambling to make money off of a Japanese journalist held hostage, as “foreign” examples of threats to a free press. But the United States ranks 46th in press freedoms, which I think is a telling reminder that it’s easier to talk about freedom of speech than it is to defend it.

TED has shown its support for journalists under fire by creating a playlist of TED talks called “Why We Need Brave Journalists.” 

It’s a hell of an honor to have my TED talk be included in the group, and I hope you’ll check them all out.

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