National Geographic: Drones Will Change the Way You Eat

by Will Potter on July 31, 2014

in Terrorism Legislation

national-geographic-drones-will-potterNational Geographic‘s Mary Beth Albright reports:

“Investigative journalist Will Potter has been long frustrated by state ‘ag gag’ laws criminalizing the use of false pretenses to access a farm for purposes not authorized by the owner (such as photographing animal cruelty). In some cases, the photographer is subject to greater punishment than the perpetrator of animal cruelty. So Potter got creative with a Kickstarter campaign to buy drones…”

You can read the full article at National Geographic.

Wonderful to see my new drone project creating such a buzz, and it’s not even off the ground (yuck yuck yuck). Be sure to sign up for email updates and follow along. Excited to get moving on this!



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