Exclusive Interview with “Eco-Terrorist” Freed 10 Years Early After Feds Withheld Evidence on Informant’s Role

by Will Potter on January 15, 2015

in Terrorism Court Cases

eric-mcdavid-released-democracy-nowEric McDavid was released after nine years in prison last week, following revelations that the government withheld key evidence during his trial.

Democracy Now has an interview with McDavid, his partner Jenny Esquivel, and his attorney Ben Rosenfeld.

Here’s a segment where Amy Goodman is discussing the entrapment efforts of the FBI informant, “Anna,” who repeatedly pressured them into action:

AMY GOODMAN: I wanted to go to an excerpt of an exchange between, well, the woman who calls herself Anna—and for folks who are listening on the radio, we’re also showing pictures of her; she was featured, as we said, in Elle magazine—the exchange between Anna and Eric McDavid and another activist, Lauren Weiner, when they were in the cabin allegedly planning to bomb the Nimbus Dam. Anna says, “Tomorrow, what are we planning on doing tomorrow? Are we still planning on doing anything tomorrow? Or should I just stop talking about plans?” Eric McDavid says, “Hmmm.” Weiner says, “I would love it if you stopped talking.” Anna says, “I would love it if you guys followed a plan! How about that!”

In an excellent piece for The Guardian, Ed Pilkington discusses how “Anna” lured McDavid into hopes of a romantic relationship, and how this was withheld during trial:

In an email dated 27 June 2005, six months before McDavid’s arrest, “Anna” responded explicitly to his previous amorous advances. She said: “I think you and I could be great, but we have LOTS of little kinks to work out.” She went on to say: “I hope in Indiana we can spend more quality time together, and really chat about life and our things.”

You can watch the full interview here:

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